Our mission is to provide better alternatives
for your family, home and pets.

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Skin Care

La Pomme ™ Skin Care.
Our signature skin care item is Ultimate Serum. This simply is an amazing Anti-Ageing potion that works beyond belief. Made from some of the most expensive organic ingredients, essential oils and formulated with rare, select natural compounds, our Ultimate Serum is the best Anti-Ageing friend you can have. La Pomme ™ Offers the finest Toners, Astringents, Masques, Gommages, Scrubs and Cremes. We have designed a Six Step Regimen that may be the best advise you'll find on managing and restoring your skin to its youthful health and beauty.

Hair Care

La Pomme™ Hair Care.
Our Simply Shampoo line comes in two delicious scents and are perfect for any hair type; normal, dry and oily. It gently cleans as it moisturizes leaving a healthy beautiful sheen, body and fullness with a wonderful smell. It will not strip color or dry out your hair. Our Luxurious Moisturizer is the perfect complement to Simply Shampoo and will add freshness and fullness to your hair that you have to experience just once to love it forever.

LP SH-HS12 Simply Shampoo (Herbal Formula - for Normal Hair)

IMG_2257 Baby

Baby Care

La Pomme™ Baby Care.
As parents we know that our babies health and wellbeing is the most important thing. La Pomme™ Baby Creme is not an organic alternative. It is by far the best all purpose Baby Creme you can find and it happens to be all organic and natural. Our Baby Bath Soak and Baby Shampoo are no tears, extremely gentile and all of our baby products are soothing and will make a baby smell like a baby.

Home Care

Green Maid ™ Home Care.
At Green Maid Organics we manufacture our own cleaning products. Using natural and organic ingredients, we formulate our products to work. Green Maid ™Cleaning products have been and are in use with the Green Maid residential and commercial cleaning service company for years. This is where it all began... We know our products work and we use them professionally.
Our Green Maid cleaning clients love how the products perform and how they smell.

Granite & Marble

Pet Care

Green Maid™ Pet Care.
No more fleas and ticks! Using natural and organic ingredients we have discovered that there are non-chemical options to protect your pets from fleas and ticks. Our Pet and Horse Shampoos and Flea and Tick Sprays contain among other things, Citronella, a natural insect repellent you may already use. There is a local Riding Academy using our Horse Shampoo with all their horses. We're not sure if it helps them win ribbons, but they'll always win first place for smell. Your pets will be happy and so will you. Here's two of our most loyal customers.



Our Founder

Chantal Gaasrud is the proprietor and CEFO (chief executive & formulating officer). She has been working on her formulas and testing her products for years. Chantal owns and operates Green Maids, a cleaning service company located in the Southbury- Woodbury areas of Connecticut. Green Maids uses organic products exclusively. Searching for quality natural products for servicing her upscale clientele, Chantal decided to make her own. There was nothing she could find that worked well enough or if it did, the scent was not what she wanted to present to her discerning clients. Her customers are now extremely satisfied, so much so that the cleaning service is expanding in Connecticut to the Wilton - Ridgefield -Redding areas. It took some doing but Chantal had finally created the products needed and wanted. Adding to that she came up with a line of linen sprays and kitchen scents that her clients adore. As a user of high-end expensive cosmetics and skin care products herself, it dawned on her, why can’t I create those as well? La Pomme was then born. Chantal and her clients couldn’t be happier with the results using La Pomme skin care, anti-aging products and now they are available to you.

We Are

Green Maid Organics™ and we manufacture a cosmetic skin care line, La Pomme™ and Green Maid™ home care and pet care products. In addition Green Maid offers organic soaps, candles and other like products. Uniquely, Green Maid offers it’s customers the choice to pick their product, pick their container and have a personalized label made making Green Maid products a perfect gift. Green Maid and La Pomme products are hand made. In Connecticut please visit our boutique and lab where we make our products in view of patrons. 

Green Maid™  home products and La Pomme™  all organic and natural skin care products are distributed exclusively by Green Maid Organics™  and made in our State Licensed Cosmetics Lab. All La Pomme™ skin care ingredients are sourced from FDA Certified manufacturers and facilities. We use Essential Oils that are of Therapeutic grade. No animal testing ever.

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